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A poor user experience is the number one deterrent when it comes to ordering online; it may be more important than the price a user is paying for the order. Who has time for a bad online experience? Who has time to field customer service call that repeatedly address the same issues? If customers are having trouble registering for an account to place an order; they will surely find another vendor to purchase from.

My Role: Lead UX Designer


Create a convenient and intuitive on-boarding and checkout experiences to help guide first time users through the online registration, account management. and online checkout process.




Discovery Hrs


Design HRS


Team members

Front-End Design Overhaul

One of the main handicaps of the user experience was focused on the layout and design of the home page. We were able to open up the design and increase usability by reducing the number of products from 20+ displayed on the homepage, to less than 10 to reduce clutter, congestion and confusion. We removed low level spec data was remove from the display so users could focus on the item number, name and price of the products.

User Flow and Site Map

After the discovery session, we created a truncated sitemap and tested the general user flow to identify any possible pain points we may have missed.


Card Designs

The onboarding process was refined to include quick access to important areas and account information. Subtle icons allow users to quickly identify account management (add, edit and delete) actions and related links.

Look and Feel

Colors and Typography

Onboarding Process

The original onboarding process involved a multistep manual validation process. I designed a simplified flow that allows the user to create an account and immediately begin to order products.

Checkout Process

The checkout process was simple, yet the business model made things complex. We were able to reduce the cart checkout experience to three screens (overview, shipping and payment)