AQI Gram®

Reliable Air Quality Data, Everywhere you go.

Global pollution levels are rising day by day. It has become impossible to breathe in fresh air due to alarming pollution levels in urban areas. More than eighty percent of the urban population does not have access to clear air throughout the world.

AQI Gram® notifies users of harmful air quality conditions within a given area, helping users schedule safe outdoor activities while minimizing exposure to harmful air pollutants.

My Role:

Design an interface for a climate aware app that detects pollution and air quality.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Stay Away from Lousy Air

AQI Gram® allows users to keep a tab on the pollution levels in their immediate surroundings. AQI Gram® not only provides instant notifications and alerts about the pollution quality in the area, but it also identifies the current air quality of any location in the world.

AQI Gram® maps display color coded air quality alerts within a given radius and allow users to filter alerts and customize the map display.

Alerts and Notifications

Monitor Air Quality Anywhere, Anytime.

AQI Gram® notification allows users to customize air quality, weather, and hazardous material updates and alerts.

AQI Gram® machine learning uses artificial Intelligence and meteorological data to calculate real-time air quality statistics accurately for any location on planet earth.

Intuitive Design

Brains Meets Beauty

Clean, clear and to the point; that’s what AQI Gram® is built on. The sleek yet simple design helps users remain engaged and informed.


Allow users to update location settings or view specific AQI metrics within a given radius.


List of possible threats and warnings within a given radius.

Air Quality 

Display primary metrics with regard to the current AQI category. Refresh content for realtime metrics.


Change between list, map, and notifications view mode.

Look and Feel

Colors and Typography

Individual components designed with consistent font treatments, clear visual hierarchy, and the use of harmonious colors create a calm and intuitive user experience.


Component Designs

Primary Display

Select between a variety of index statistics. The display changes color from red (poor) to green (excellent) based on air quality metrics in the area.

Navigation Icons

Select between list, map and chart views for any location. AQI Gram® allows users to experience and engage the data in ways that work best for them.

Notification Cards

View notifications that matter, when they matter. Select notification for more details. Save, send and share real-time alerts with friends and family.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Knowing what’s in the air you breathe is getting more important than ever, especially if you live in a bigger city. Using air quality apps like this can at least make you aware of the air quality around you and help you limit your exposure.