Explore the immersive website design crafted for a distinguished Houston Police Officer and passionate community activist Sheldon Theragood.

My Role

Content Strategy
Brand Identity Design
Information Architecture
Design System
Web Design
Web Development

The Project

Sheldon Theragood, a decorated Houston Police Officer and community activist, required a website that not only showcased his literary endeavors but also highlighted his impactful journey in law enforcement and community service.

Our approach focused on creating a user-centric design that seamlessly integrated the various facets of his life.

The Objective

Create a digital space that seamlessly blends the author’s inspiring life journey, literary works, and impactful activism. Engage with a user-centric platform that mirrors the commitment to service, justice, and community building. Discover a unique fusion of storytelling and advocacy that invites you to connect with the heart of Houston’s hero.

Visual Design

The homepage introduces visitors to the author’s compelling narrative, combining striking visuals and concise text to convey the essence of their journey. A dedicated section showcases the author’s literary works, providing insights into their storytelling prowess. Each book is presented with engaging visuals, compelling synopses, and direct links for easy access.

Commitment to Community Activism

The website features a dynamic section that highlights Sheldon’s initiatives, events, and collaborations. Users can explore the intersection of literature and activism, fostering a sense of connection and inspiration.

Through a carefully crafted design, we successfully transformed our client’s website into a digital reflection of their identity—a decorated officer, a skilled author, and a dedicated community activist. The result is a platform that not only informs but also inspires visitors to connect with the impactful stories and causes championed by this exceptional individual.